Thursday, March 28, 2013

Illustration Friday- SWIM


Sleep Revival

Trout in Aspic

While working at Le Quatre Vent, I had a lovely lunch in the big house with Mr. and Mrs. Cabot.  Trout in Aspic was served, which I had never had before and needed to preserve the memory in paint, just like this fish in jelly.  

Le Pigeonnier

Because of my work on the Skylight Opera, and Colin Cabot and David Birn.  I got to paint inside this little place in the middle of one of the most beautiful spots in the world.  I would go in a secret door and spend my day painting the secret room and looking out the window.   
Pigeonnier, is a replica of a French dovecote at Quatre Vent

Please read this about the late Frank Cabot and his work to preserve gardens.

The Skylight Opera

In the summer of 1996 and 97 I worked on this fantastic project of urban renewal, The Skylight Opera in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. with a talented crew of people from the east coast and the midwest we magically (with a lot of hard work) modeled this new theatrical space into a venetian style opera house. Smack in the middle of the "Third Ward" which at the time was a dilapitated and forgotten area of town by the river The Skylight project lead this area into an artistic urban revival.  They just had a 20th anniversary of the project and brought back Diane Fargo,  who was the lead artist to give a talk about it.  Here are a few good before and after photos.  More photos are here on Flickr

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pre-school Shades of Shamrocks

Stamp lightlyMixing DarkHe made Light Green!It's fun to mixShades of Shamrocks!Make Flowers
Different shapes, different StampsGreen Pepper ShamrockBrushes down...for nowMake ArtAndy WarholWow!
Crayons, Brushes and StampsAmazingCreativeDark Outside, Light insideArtists!
A lovely PaintingReal shamrocks for inspirationMake PatternsSwirling paint

A really fun and easy project for St. Patty's Day.