Saturday, October 28, 2006

Figure Drawing 5- Improvement?

I really tried to draw the shapes and volume, I drew the gesture with color first and tried to keep it quick, then forced myself to draw the shapes, kind of keep myself out of it and really draw. They aren't pretty and they are a little stiff... BUT I really think they are starting to get a little "deeper"?.

Figure Drawing 5-gesture and lesson

I was still not getting the "gesture" or the spirit of the pose. It's fast, it's direct, its intention.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Illustration Friday- WIND

I like this topic! I have a bunch that I have previously made regarding this one.

Here is the whole "windy" painting that is from my profile.

And... this one is called "rooted"

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Autumn Artistic Diversions

While I haven't been blogging a lot, I have been painting in some silly way or another (on Sunny's face). Working on two illustration projects, the pregnancy blog, and the family portrait of Amy's family that keep staring at me that I am afraid to finish for fear of ruining it (which, thinking about a painting, can really be much more taxing than actually doing it!) and getting my butt kicked in life drawing and feeling guilty about not being able to stay up late enough to go to drawing club which starts at 7pm, AND trying to maintain some form of physical dignity....10 weeks pregnant, I guess I can still call myself an artist?

Figure Drawing 4-Defeated

It's not about the outline of the gesture. It's shape and form and action. How to draw without line?
I feel so defeated after this session.

Figure Drawing 4-5 minute poses

Figure Drawing 4-gesture ?

Apparantly I shouldn't be "outlining" the figure in the gesture phase.
Ugh, I'm getting worse, I feel that I have to unlearn everything I have taught myself, without losing my own style. It's hard, but I really want to do it. I want to be confident in my drawing.

These first drawing are the gesture (which apparantly I'm doing wrong, it's not supposed to be about LINE, it's about the "spirit of the pose", the intent, it needs volume. I apparantly am outlining, no action....ugh, ugh, ugh,

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Drawing Sunny Drawing

It's so hard to draw my little girl, her proportions are so "in between" and she never stops moving, and I can never capture her crazy smile and surprising beauty.

Beate Minkovski

The Chicago Women's Caucus for Art is honoring Beate Minkovski, she runs Womanmade gallery in Chicago, and was one of the first people to support my art work. Thanks Beate, and congratulations on this well deserved honor.

Figure drawing 3-anatomy

Drawing a muscular guy is way harder than drawing a female, let me just say that.

Figure Drawing 3-the lesson

We really focused on "stage 3" the anatomy, and really getting how everything was connected, the drawings weren't pretty, and they were tough, focused 10 minute poses.

I even had to hold the charcoal pencil differently, on the side, kind of flat like.
Karl helped me with this one, OBVIOUSLY

Figure Drawing 3

Here are the first drawings of a loooong day.....