Friday, September 15, 2006

Rational Recovery

I have had the power to overcome alcohol addiction for over 10 years, I read this tiny book called Rational Recovery, and through the support of my husband I have maintained sobrieity, because I decided to. No god involved, no meetings attended or apology letters to write. Simply through my own strength of power I do it, and I continue to make a decision not to drink, every day.
This drawing was inspired by the story that Robin Williams in in re-hab and he was in a "meeting" not participating and with his head down. I just wanted to let people know there are OTHER ways to beat it. The 12 step program, although it works for some is not for everybody, and that you do not have to give yourself up to "God" or some other "higher power" and have no control over anything you do.

Take responsibility for your actions, your life, your everything, and life can be what you make it.

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