Friday, February 15, 2008

The Drawing Club-Silent Movie Theme

I made it to drawing club! It's been probably a whole year. Time flies when I'm not drawing. The baby goes to sleep pretty good by 6:30pm so I rush out the door and make it home in time for her to wake up again. It was great to see everyone and Bob added movies! So we watched Charlie Chaplin, I actually was more inspired by the film than the model this time.


Stacy Alexander said...

Those are really cool drawings. The club sounds like a lot of fun. When we first moved to the Bay Area, I hosted life drawing sessions that started off each time with a vegetarian pot luck. It was always so great to mix and mingle with a bunch of like-minded artists. Maybe I'll do that again one of these days!

Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Lois,

Just got your message on my blog. I just participated in a huge networking event called, "One Heart - One World" which linked hundreds of blogs together I and was, last night, just clicking on some of the links for the first time. No other connection there.

Drawing club sounds great!


Amy said...

Paul and I were just talking about your drawing club and I was wondering whether you had been recently. Haven't seen any club drawings posted but then again, I haven't been to the site as often.

Glad Gidget lets you out.