Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Illustration Friday-HOMAGE, Sandra Jorgensen

Sandra Jorgensen was my art teacher at Elmhurst College. I only went there for one year, and she was a big influence on me. When I grew up and realized how much so, I wanted to get back in touch with her. She taught me that art could be what you wanted, she also had great knowledge about art history, and contemporary art and showed me stuff like the Chicago Imagists and taught with such enthusiasm and fun. I could even call her my friend as we both struggled together to make sense of German class, which she signed up for, for fun(?). She even helped bridge the gap between me and my Dad during those difficult early adult stages. She took the time to get to know me, and I think she genuinely liked and believed in me as a young person and an artist. Loooking for her, I found out she had died from pancreas cancer only a few months before....

Looking back I really wish I could of told her how much I appreciated her. Click on the title for a nice article about her and her art.


ValGalArt said...

This brought a tear to my eye! What a beautiful homage to this amazing influence in your life! She seems like the most wonderful person you could hope to meet! Your tribute is beautiful!

Anne Leuck Feldhaus said...

Lois, i had a similar thing with my college art professor George Cramer. He is the reason I am still making art. I had been meaning to write and thank him, I came across his name in the alumni newsletter....sadly it was an obituary. I was too late.

We are so lucky for having such great mentors in our lives.

PS you & sunny were part of my homage submission:

Robin said...

hi lois -

WOW - your blog and your art - tribute to sandy was so amazing to find. i too knew and loved sandy. she was my art teacher and advisor at EC (1988-1991) but more than that she was my friend. and here i thought i had some kind of special treatment - ho ho - leave it to sandy. i used to love to go with my children to her house where she would let them play in her junk drawer of found objects. she did everything well - she was an amazing teacher, friend, artist ... i miss her terribly . thank you for this - what year where you there?

Lois said...

SO glad you found me!