Saturday, June 25, 2011

Science Lab Murals

Well...there could definitely be worse jobs!  I am starting on the science lab murals at Carpenter Community Charter thanks to our fantastic science teacher Mrs. Lori Belateche.  First up, the marine sciences.  Then on to the physical sciences and life science.  The last week of school was spent cleaning up and me being up on the ladder and observing (that's a scientific word)  all the kids K-5 coming in to hug the science teacher, see what's up with the chics, guinea pig, turtles, bugs, magnets, snails, and all the cool stuff in there.  Lori read me a letter from a graduating 5th grader that told her how much she helped him learn and pay attention, where as in other classes he couldn't concentrate.  He's going to the science academy next year.  Public school is tough in California.  But our awesome families have made this one work by funding this program, that otherwise would not be here.  PLUS  added benefits is that Me and Sunny and Gidget get to play with the chics all afternoon.
we get locked in afterschool....

our awesome science lab!  Marine mural.....

inside the whale

outside door whale of a tail

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