Tuesday, July 19, 2011

William Powhida- FROM MEMORY

William Powhida

I went to the Kohler Art Centerr in Wisconsin on our trip back to the Midwest, the exhibit was all about memory.  I encourage you to read more about my experiences and the exhibit here at my blog about Alzheimer's

But, this is my art blog and I want to  post my response to William Powhida's interactive piece which encouraged us, the general public to draw from memory or imagination someone we have never met.  When I go back to Wisconsin, I always feel a little melancholy.  I look out at the lake, and wonder how, where, when, why and will I ever meet my birth family.  I was born by the lake, and she must of looked out at the water the same way I do.  Anyway...so I drew these.

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Lisa Holmes said...

Beautiful, Lois! My brother is also looking into finding his birth family. It means so much to him to do it, too. I hope you pursue this as much as your heart desires! And that what you find is rewarding and fulfilling!