Friday, March 30, 2012

Quiddity revisited

My birth mother died just miles from where I live now in California.   I'm here now, but she's not.
Yesterday was her birthday. 
Well, so...I guess it goes on.  My constant search for identity, through my paintings.  I'm so happy to be back here.  I was inspired by the Wonderland show at LACMA, 

My girlfriend posted a "challenge" to make art over Spring Break.   So, I'm bringing my sketches about finding my birth family to life. As an artist I have many different styles, projects and passions.  But this style and subject (me) is where I started and where I think I will always land, if I have the confidence.  There are so many things that get in the way of  "voice".

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Jim Piper said...

Love the painting!