Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Fall Leaves

I'm from the Midwest and really miss fall this time of year, so I made up this project to bring the fall color into our California lives.  These are really fun to make and then you can decorate the house or Thanksgiving table with them.

Fall Leaves with oil pastels and grocery bags!
Recycle/Re-use/ Make ART!

The concept is to make a real leaf, not a drawing of a leaf.
Almost like a sculpture with paper.
This is kind of hard to grasp.
If they draw or trace the leaf,
 help them tear it out or give kids small torn pieces, to start. 
Tear a leaf shape
Can crumple for added texture
Draw veins, have lots of real leaves around for reference
Encourage mixing colors together and layering on top of each other.
Encourage to color all the way to the very edges,
and both sides!

Scrape in some veining with a colored pencil.
That's awesome Gidget!

Are these real Autumn Leaves?

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