Thursday, January 03, 2013

Family Portrait Series- Chagall Style

Here is another from my family portrait series that I created for my friends Brian and Cindy.  They actually have only 3 kids, but their youngest,  has a lot of personality, energy and well... he's five, and it's hard to capture his essence in one pose.  Brian is a talented musician and producer and all time family guy who really loves his wife and family.  Cindy is an amazing human, mother, designer, and one of my favorite people I have met out here in California.  Their oldest is a fantastic swimmer, reader and sweetheart who is just simply lovely and J is a great big brother, friend and a smart guy that is definitely going places.  I try to capture a families essence, and individuality and create something they will love forever.
Check out Race2bhuman, Cindy's latest project about helping children with the tools they need to help selected nonprofit organizations.
The M Family
oil on canvas

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