Saturday, July 08, 2017

Hermosa Beach

My latest picture made with Trader Joes bags is at ShockBoxx Projects gallery in Hermosa Beach tonight.  Hermosa is the home of Black Flag and the California punk rock scene.  My suburban teenage self thought that was pretty cool!Although my Dad didn't get the music I was into and we had a few rough teenage years he sure would of been proud of my art's picture in the paper.  We never really understood each other, but we sure did love each other. After he died and I was cleaning out his desk, there was every little art opening, card, flyer, paper that had to do with me and my art.  

Wonder Women w Trader Joe's Grocery Bags.

Mike Collins, artist and owner of Shock Boxx Projects.
Cool utility box with old flyers from the scene.

Read all About it, in the Easy Reader

me and my Dad!

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